Seat Belts
    Steering Wheels
    Electrical Control Units (ECU)
    Crash Sensors and Child Restraint Systems (CRS)

    Takata India was set up in 2009 as a Joint Venture between Takata Corporation, Japan and ANAND, India to provide the Indian Automotive Industry with a range of safety products, meeting global standards and manufactured with Japanese expertise. The company manufactures seat belts, air bags, and steering wheels, and supplies to leading vehicle manufacturers in the country.

    About Takata Corporation, Japan

    Takata Corporation Japan is a respected and trusted provider of safety products around the globe. The company is a specialized supplier of automotive safety systems, and provides automobile safety components to its customers with 46 plants located in 17 countries, and more than 34,000 employees.

    Takata Corporation, Japan commenced operations in 1933, as a maker of woven textile fabrics. In the 1950s, Takata started developing seat belts for automobiles, and subsequently, the company developed airbags and other automotive safety products. In 1977, Takata became the first company in Japan to begin full-scale manufacturing and marketing of child-restraint systems.

    To stem the rise in the number of accidents accompanying the proliferation of vehicle transportation, Takata works tirelessly towards achieving its vision of “A society with zero fatalities from traffic accidents”, by consistently improving its automotive safety systems.